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Respiratory Treatment for Paediatric Neuromuscular Patient UK 2017 Acute wards lung collapse, neuromuscular weakness, reflection, respiratory
Extending the role of the Advanced physiotherapy practitioner - Occipital Headache treated with occipital nerve block United Kingdom 2017 Out-patients Arnold chiari malformation, Cervical pain, headache, occipital nerve block
Teaching session on lumbar spinal mobilisation India 2017 Other education, lumbar, mobilisations, student education
Setting expectations in the initial consult Australia 2017 Private practice education, elbow, goal setting, pain, theraputic alliance
Patient needs a physiotherapist who listens to their stories more than to interventions! Saudi Arabia 2016 Education chronic pain, communication, experience, listening, reflection
Preparing a keynote lecture Ireland 2016 Education community, globalpt, WCPT
Positioning of musculoskeletal physiotherapy in South America UK 2016 Other advocacy, international, policy, scope, standards
Knowledge Translation in Journal Club and Blogging United States of America 2016 Other blog, evidence based practice, journal club, knowledge translation, network, research
Expanding Student Treatment Toolbox in Hemiparetic Stroke United States of America 2016 Other hemiparesis, manual therapy, stroke, student education, vibratory stimulation
Stenotic patient UK 2016 Out-patients hamstring, low back pain, musculoskeletal, stenosis, tendinopathy
Leadership development of physiotherapy students UK 2016 Education education, employability, enterprise, leadership, management, student
30 year old male soldier with bell's palsy Kenya 2016 Out-patients bell's palsy, cryotherapy, exercises, soft tissue manipulation
Practice viva session for MRes postgraduate student UK 2016 Education feedback, mres, postgraduate student, practice viva, supervisory teams
Research Ethics application UK 2016 Education research ethics; informed consent; patient information; risk assessment; professional standards.
Review of mobility for a 58 year old female diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease UK 2015 Community clinical reasoning, collaboration, exercises, falls, parkinson's disease
Data collection from participant in a clinical trial (frozen shoulder) India 2015 Out-patients activity limitations, frozen shoulder, quick dash questionnaire
Teaching session on joint mobilsations UK 2015 Other accessory, manual therapy, mobilisations, theraputic practice
Chest physiotherapy for MND in intensive care UK 2015 Acute wards mnd tracheostomy intensive care rehab chest physio
Developing WHO classifications Australia 2015 Other disability, global health, health, human functioning, icf, outcomes monitoring
Managing poor performance UK 2015 Out-patients facilitation of change, mentoring, note keeping, time management, underperformance
Rehabilitation spinal cord injury India 2015 Education afo, bowel and dysfunction, exercises, foot drop, gait training., spinal cord injury, stimulation
Falls prevention UK 2015 Acute wards falls prescribing orthostatic hypotension
Low back pain - assessment New Zealand 2015 Out-patients young man chronic back pain acupuncture
Rehabilitation for scoliosis - paediatrics Turkey 2015 Community community health, home based therapy, icf, patient centered approach, scoliosis
Teaching session to medical students on chest physiotherapy Papua New Guinea 2015 Other chest physiotherapy, management skills, medical students, resident physiotherapist, training
Teaching session to healthcare profesionals in a hospice UK 2015 Other palliative care dyspnoea anxiety management
Poster presentation relating to foot orthosis India 2015 Out-patients static foot posture.
Rehabilitation after bilateral knee replacements India 2015 Acute wards knee replacement rehabilitation ambulation stair climbing ice packs pain free
Rehabilitation around mobility - multiple co-morbidites UK 2015 Acute wards footwear, independence, liaison, mobility, pain control.
Stroke rehabilitation Jamaica 2015 Out-patients assessment., cva, diagnosis, hemiplegia, junior therapist, optimistic.
Orthopaedic reassessment after knee surgerey UK 2015 Private practice experience, give an alternative that helps and put the patients mind at ease., stay calm and listen
Paediatric assessment - neurology UK 2015 Community child school visit gross motor skills mobility aid exercises
Spinal injury - wheelchair transfers UK 2015 Community joint working problem solving spinal injury patient centred ot sliding board
Collectign data from a participant in a research study (amputees) UK 2015 Other lower-limb amputees, outcome measurement, prosthetic, research
Rehabilitation after amputation resulting from trauma Sudan 2015 Out-patients decreased knee rang of motion, loss of sensation, prosthesis, swelling
Stroke rehabilitation Switzerland 2015 Acute wards motivation, robotic based therapy, stroke patient, stroke recovery
Mentor to a dissertation student (Women's health) UK 2015 Other developing countries, dissertation, email, low-resourced, masters
Spinal cord injury rehabilitation Zambia 2015 Out-patients reduced activities of daily living e.g self care, spinal cord injury
Teaching session for undergraduates on wheelchairs UK 2015 Education awareness, learning outcomes, practical skills, reasonable adjustments, teaching, wheelchairs
Neurological rehabilitation - post polio for a refugee Kenya 2015 Community advocacy, community based rehabilitation, educating caregivers, exercises, mobility devices/orthosis, paralysis
Wheelchair training India 2015 Acute wards client, community, independent, mobility, training, wheelchair
Mobilising a patient after an Road Trafffic Accident (RTA) Ghana 2015 Out-patients assistive devices, fractures, gait re-training, independence, therapeutic exercises
Practical class on palpitation UK 2015 Other bony points, hip, learning, palpation
Delivering a lecture on first aid for athletes Malta 2015 Education injuries, injury, lecture, physiotherapy, practical, sports
Using the model disability survey questionnaire in Cameroon Cameroon 2015 Community disabities, handicap, icf, impairment, pod, rehabilitation
Spinal cord injury rehabilitation Jordan 2015 Community sling suspension sci incomplete
Private practitioner working responding to home visit request UK 2015 Private practice domiciliary team working communication flexibility private practice patient centered
Manager determining CPD funding priorities UK 2015 Acute wards cpd, development, funding, skills, support, workforce
Extended scope practitioner referral for low back pain UK 2015 Out-patients lower back pain, lumbar assessment, msk, neuro, red flags
Chest physiotherapy after trauma South Africa 2015 Acute wards multiple gunshot polytrauma
Reassessment musculoskeletal South Africa 2015 Out-patients pain neural tension manual therapy exercises
Practice bed to wheel chair transfers for cancer patient Australia 2015 Acute wards cancer, cushion, pain, spinal, transfer, wheelchair
Rehabilitation following T9 vertebral fracture UK 2015 Other balance training, function, mobility, neuro, rehabilitation, spinal cord injury, vertebrae fracture
Treating low back pain in a sports person Namibia 2015 Private practice accountant, low back pain, massage, mobilization, sportsperson, stretching
Treating a patient with cerebral palsy Philippines 2015 Private practice bobath, cerebral palsy, manual therapy, pediatrics, play, pnf
Canalith repostioning to treat vertigo United States of America 2015 Out-patients bppv, chronic, crt, vertigo
Distributing wheelchairs to Cerebral Palsy patients in remote communities Zimbabwe 2015 Community cerebral palsy, community, lupane, non-governmental., wheelchairs, zimbabwe
Rehabilitation of ICU patient following laparotomy South Africa 2015 Acute wards early mobilization icu strengthening respiratory physiotherapy
Shadowing an exercise class for respiratory patients UK 2015 Out-patients community, copd, manual exercise, respiratory
Group session on ergonomic awareness India 2015 Out-patients ergonomics, exercises, repetitive strain injury, rsi, work related musculoskeletal disorders, wrmsds
Research on using an antigravity treadmill for treatment of haemophilic arthropathy Poland 2015 Private practice anti gravity treadmill, endurance, gait, haemophilic arthropathy patients, pain management, rom
Identification of cauda equina syndrome in professional sport person Israel 2015 Out-patients anesthesia., cauda equina, groin pain, incontinance, red flags, tennis
Screening tests on disabled athletes Malta 2015 Education disabled, goniometry, patients, range of movement, rom
Educating a patient about managing stress urinary incontinence South Africa 2015 Private practice dyspareunia stress urinary incontinence constipation
Managing a patient Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy Kenya 2015 Community cerebral palsy, complications, management, outcome, presentation, prevalence
Treatment for thoracic kyphoscoliosis South Africa 2015 Other exercises, khypohscoliosis, myofascial release, postioning, posture, stretches.
Treating tennis elbow Pakistan 2015 Out-patients pain tapping dry needling, tennis elbow
Patient rehabilitation in Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea 2015 Acute wards assessment., participation, physiotherapy, prevention secondary complication, rehabilitation
Respiratory treatment of ICU patient Nigeria 2015 Education deep breathing exercise!, hospital, mechanical ventilator, multiple myeloma
Mobility rehabilitation following hospital admission UK 2015 Acute wards communication, rehabilitation
Treatment for left apical infected bullae UK 2015 Acute wards acbt, bullae, exercise, infection, pneumothorax
Home visit for multiple sclerosis patient UK 2015 Community community, exercise, home visit, multiple sclerosis, neuro, t-roll
Treatment following cervical spine fracture Malaysia 2015 Private practice balance training, bosu, coordination, exercises, musculoskeletal condition, rehab pilates
Diagnosing a neurological condition United States of America 2015 Other bppv, cerebellar stroke, cva, lower stroke, stroke, vestibular
Treatment of a professional footballer following arthroscopy UK 2015 Out-patients arthroscopy knee sports rehabilitation football
Treatment of a patient with thalamic hemorrhagic stroke UK 2015 Community functional, hemorrhage, neurological, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, stroke, thalamic, weakness
Diagnosing and treating Freiberg's disease UK 2015 Other communication, learning, mdt, mentoring, student
Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee India 2015 Out-patients exercises, fst., traction, ust
Treatment session for patient with Charcot Marie Tooth Greece 2015 Private practice charcot marie tooth, force platform, jenga, psychology, strengthen muscles, visual feedback, youth
Home treatment for multi-system atrophy patint UK 2015 Community maintenance, msa, range of movement
Treatment for a stiffness of the right knee following road traffic accident Rwanda 2015 Out-patients knee, range of motion, stiffness
Attending a lecture on ethics in complex medical decision making UK 2015 Education decision, education, ethics, learning, morals, sharing.
Preparing a lecture for students placement assignments UK 2015 Education assignment, guidance, placement, portfolio, student
Using the McKenzie method to treat low back pain Egypt 2015 Out-patients electro-modalities, kinesio taping, low back pain, mckenzie, mdt
Industrial working conditions audit Estonia 2015 Private practice ergonomics, industrial sewing, occupational health physiotherapy, physiological risk factors
Development of a seminar on public health and Making Every Contact Count UK 2015 Education education, health beliefs, mecc, public health, self-efficacy, students
Investigating the effectiveness of chest physiotherapy Malta 2015 Acute wards chest physiotherapy pneumonia blood gases chest care self management
Rehabilitation following laminectomy India 2015 Acute wards exercises, ivdp, paraparesis, rehabilitation, surgery, thera band.
Workshop to review adult mental health ward UK 2015 Other motivation assistive technology patient feedback communication
Community treatment programme for child with C5 spinal cord injury Australia 2015 Community community rehabilitation, goal setting, outcome measures, patient/family focus, spinal cord injury
Treatment programme for a late fracture diagnosis Malta 2015 Private practice fat osteoporosis stress fracture function late diagnosis of fracture
Treatment of sport injury grade 2 mcl and traumatic synovitis UK 2015 Private practice knee, mcl, rugby
Clincal and workplace assessment for patient on long term sick leave UK 2015 Out-patients clinical assessment, collaboration, goal setting, motivational interviewing, work place assessment
Critical review of physiotherapy treatment of lateral epicondylalgia UK 2015 Out-patients awareness, development, understanding
Assessment and treatment of achilles tendon irritation UK 2015 Community achilles. rehabilitation. evidence-based.clinical guidelines.
Assessing patients as part of a CATS team UK 2015 Out-patients hands on treatment, inappropriate referral, msk
Research into care for tenosynovitis UK 2015 Community cpd, education, exercise therapy, success, tenosynovitis
Initial assessment and treatment of neck pain Afghanistan 2015 Out-patients neck manual therapy
Initial assessment of female with right gluteal pain UK 2015 Private practice confidence, gait, gleuteal, met, re-trainig, stretching
Walking aids lecture UK 2015 Education gait, lecture, measuring, precautions, videos, walking aids
Shoulder anatomy lecture at the University of Birmingham UK 2015 Education assessment., education, palpation, shoulder, student, university
Lecture on chronic pain given at a community centre Israel 2015 Out-patients chronic pain, community, explain pain
Starting a new exercise class for Parkinson's patients UK 2015 Out-patients high level exercise for early parkinson's
Research trial preparation with stakeholder meetings UK 2015 Out-patients national randomised controlled trial, sciatica
Initial assessment of facial palsy patient UK 2015 Private practice assessment., biofeedback, facial palsy, synkinesis
Home discharge visit for hip fracture patient UK 2015 Acute wards acute rehab., home visit
Data analysis for research study on individuals with musclar dystrophy UK 2015 Education comorbidity, disability, muscular dystrophy, powered mobility, seating, wheelchairs
Treatment of gait for an older patient with Parkinson's Disease UK 2015 Community cueing, exercise, falls, freezing, parkinson's disease
Data analysis of Community Health Service patients UK 2015 Community eq5d, patient reported outcomes, proms, quality of life, statistics
Practical tutorial on the GaitRite system UK 2015 Education assessment., education, gait analysis, technology
Team review of MSK outpatient dept data UK 2015 Community clinical activity in msk, mentoring, out patients, quantity, service improvement, targets
Application of chunking to anatomy teaching UK 2015 Education anatomy, chunking, learning, memory, recall, scalene
Telephone assessment of shoulder complaint UK 2015 Out-patients shoulder pain, subacromial impingement, telephone assessment
Functional exercise treatment for head injury UK 2015 Community amputee, extension, neurology, posture, standing, wheelchair
Decision to refer for second opinion for neck pathology UK 2015 Private practice communication. clinical reasoning. biopsychosocial.
First assessment of chronic lateral elbow pain UK 2015 Out-patients acupuncture, assessment., elbow, lateral epicondylitis, mwms, radial nerve
Second opinion on a wrist pathology UK 2015 Community clinical reason, experience, msk, peer support, reflection
Stroke treatment session for left hemiplegia UK 2015 Private practice hemiplegia, neurological rehabilitation, sitting posture, stroke
Development of a new year 3 module UK 2015 Education module design education probelm solving students team work teaching