The idea of this survey is to document ‘everyday physiotherapy’ rather than just exciting and interesting cases that usually get reported. We will collect case studies from people in many different working environments to provide as broad a picture of contemporary physiotherapy practice in the UK as is possible.

The original inspiration for the Big Physio Survey:

One Case at a Time. De Souza, L. Physiotherapy. March 1997, 83(3):107108


Our aim is to create a rich picture that describes the ‘everyday work’ of the current physiotherapy profession. All information gathered will be used to develop a categorisation of contemporary physiotherapy practice and, to define the many spheres of influence where physiotherapy has impact, authority and inspiration.

As we all know, physiotherapy is a diverse practice profession encompassing a wide range of approaches to health and social care. Over recent decades the profession has experienced rapid change and has evolved to meet the challenges of twenty-first century delivery of therapies. At its heart, physiotherapy retains a clear philosophy of care embedded in an ethical code of practice and is focused on the needs of patients, clients and service users.

There are many sources of evidence of excellent practice and innovation in physiotherapy from publications of research, evaluations of service, conference presentations and educational developments with endorsements from patients, service users, health care professionals and commissioners. However, a clear and complete picture of the whole range of the physiotherapy profession at work remains obscure; this survey aims to address this issue.

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The NHS Health Research Authority in the UK has provided their Ethics opinion that this survey does not require ethical approval.

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